Lake Eildon, Victoria is Home to Many Pro Riders.

Lake Eildon is one place that you absolutely must wakeboard when you are in Victoria.

Home to many pro riders but more importantly the location well known for the house in the Australian cult movie ‘The Castle’.

Lake Eildon has been at the centre of wakeboard history for over a decade with many famous names growing up on its waters. The likes of the Watkins, the Priestleys, The Mackey’s, the Van Muers and many more grew up making the slash at Eildon.

Aside from the famous wakeboarding faces you will also see a few celebrities getting around the lake as quite a few Melbourne personalities have house boats parked in the Eildon Boat club.

Lake Eildon has also played host to events like ‘board stock’ that have taken place at Fraser national park which have put it firmly on the map.

Wake magazine based itself from Lake Eildon on two luxury houseboats for their annual board testing.

Wake Life TV Presenter, Kristin Bower - Lake Eildon, Victoria

Lake Eildon Stats

With a shoreline spanning over 500kms and a water capacity that fills Sydney harbour 5 times over Lake Eildon is definitely by far a large lake with plenty of room to move for everyone.

Filled with nothing but fresh water and fish, the only thing to watch out for is the occasional dead tree that pokes up from the banks when the water is low.

Unfortunately the lake will never reach its maximum percentage again as the government sells off the water as fast as it drains in but there is always enough water for a ride.

Boat Ramps

Due to the water levels constant fluctuation the boat ramps around Eildon can vary in position. Be sure to check water levels before heading up there so as you know which ramp to head towards.

Generally, the ‘Jews Creek’ ramp is always accessible as is the Eildon ramp, located at the dam wall. Any other boat ramp will usually be inside one of the many caravan parks dotted around the shores or straight off the bank.

Places To Stay

If you are looking for a place to stay in Eildon or on the water then there are loads of caravan parks around the lake from the Bonnie Doon end to Big River.

If that doesn’t appeal to you and you want to float around the lake then you can hire a house boat with all the luxuries you could dream of having including a spa, BBQ and pumping stereo equipment that will make your holiday an absolute pleasure.

Getting There

Lake Eildon is on the way to every where and you can find a million ways of getting there but for arguments sake, we will keep it simple and give you the options from Melbourne heading to Bonnie Doon and then Jerusalem Creek.

The eastern suburb of Lilydale is the gateway heading out to the lake, from there it is quite simple to follow signs heading through Yarra Glen, Yea and next stop Bonnie Doon.

The other is to take a winding trip over the black spur via Healesville; this will take you on a more direct route to Eildon Township and Jews Creek rather then going through Yea.

It’s all signposted quite well and you can’t get lost but keep in mind that all the houseboat moorings are around Eildon and Jews Creek so you will want to take the Healesville way to get you out to any of the boat clubs.

Wakeboarding in Victoria, Australia

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