Wakeboarding Tips

Wakeboarding Tips

The Wakeboard Traveller talks to Amber Wing, Australia's Women's national champion, about wakeboarding tips on what gear to wear when riding, especially for women.

Amber also discusses safety and the gear you ware and why it is important...

Wakeboard Traveller: Today we are talking about the importance of wearing the right gear.

Amber, how imperitive is this?

Amber: It’s super important to have, you know, gear that fits you properly. When you are out there riding, and you know, you've got a vest on if you take a hard crash you don't want your vest falling of you because that's a floatation device, your going to start sinking if you are knocked out.

With your boots on your board, you want them to fit your foot properly, coz when you are landing a trick you don’t want to role an ankle or have one foot come out and you gonna twist a knee or something like that.

For women in specific, you know it’s really important to wear wetsuit shorts. If you are taking crashes, and your legs are apart it's not real good for the ladies so, either wear wetsuit shorts or definitely wearing board shorts. I really don’t like seeing girls out there in just a bikini bottom. I know the guys do but ...

Wakeboard Traveller: There’s some great gear in the market now for girls. Can you talk us through some of the products?

Amber: Sure, like you've got a full range of girls boards , for every size for younger girls and for women as well. Boots that are specifically designed and made for the women's foot that's smaller and skinnier so that it fits right.

You’ve got vests that are built for women's body so that they've got bust panels they fit, you know, a women’s body comfortably and you can be out there, having fun and..

Wakeboard Traveller: So it’s probably better to get a life jacket for each person rather than just one board jacket for the entire family.?

Amber: You know, definitely because when you're on the bright anyway every single person in the boat has to have an approved jacket. So, you might as well have one that fits you properly.

Wakeboard Traveller: I thank you very much for your time , Amber

Amber: Thank you.

Boating Tips

An important wakeboarding tip is to know your rules, especially for your local area. If you plan on riding the waters in NSW make sure you check out the Maritime website, it is jam packed full of useful local boating knowledge.

Other Australian states have their own websites as well you may want to google these for more specifics. Some boating areas may have restrictions on where you can wakeboard, the speed limits in certain areas. So make sure you do a double check before you head out onto the water ways.

If you are new to driving for a rider, there are some important things to remember as each rider is different.

So lets see what Amber boating tips Amber has for you...

Wakeboard Traveller: I know you viewers at home might ride in rivers or lakes, now the rules vary slightly if you are in the urban coast of waters. And Amber Wing, she’s got some advice for us. Amber. .

Amber: The main wakeboarding tips would be just be aware you of the other boaters , the rivers get really busy, there’s plenty of channel markers so ensure stay within the channel . There's different speed zones, no wakes zones and no ski zones , so beware of those and, in your local area ensure know the rules of your waterways.

Wakeboard Traveller: Amber, in grand scheme of things wakeboarding is still relatively new. Do you have some great advice or wakeboarding tips to newcomers into the sport on how to drive?

Amber: When you are driving the boat, you know every rider wants to have the smoothest conditions as possible, so when a rides falls off you wanna stop the boat to a slow turn .

Don’t accelerate to pick up your rider because you are eventually gonna hit those rollers and it just, creates rough water for everyone. And also just being really aware about who is in the water and what other boats are around 'cause when people are falling off you just want to avoid them and keep a lot of distance because you just wanna be safe out there.

Wakeboard Traveller: Amber, now before we get into the boat, what are some of the key tips and things that we need to do before we drop the boat in the water?

Amber: Before we have the boat lined up in the queue to put your boat in the water, you wanna make sure that all the gear is in the back, got to cover off, you check the for the plug or the bond and then you and you unhook the nose of the boat as long as your boat is not on rollers. If you boat is on rollers, make sure you back the boat in first and then unhook.


Amber Wing and The Wakeboard Traveller discuss another wakeboarding tip on nutrition and riding. She walks you through her typical eating program for a day.

is there any special tips Amber can give as a gym enthusiast?

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